Chamber of notaries

The Chamber of Notaries of Slovak Republic is a self-governing professional organisation associating all notaries in the Slovak Republic.

The mission of the Chamber and its bodies is to protect the interests of the profession, supervise the activities of notaries and performs further functions as stipulated by applicable law. Notaries are governed by the Act of the Slovak National Council No. 323/92 (Coll.) dated May 6, 1992 on Notaries and Notary Activities (Notary Rules) as amended.

The Chamber runs a Central information system and it is also responsible for its smooth and safe operation. Part of this system is also the notary registers. The Central notary registers are not funded by the state, in spite of the fact that they have been established by law. All costs pertaining to the system's smooth operation are provided by the notaries themselves, i.e. from their activities. The Chamber's revenue consists of membership fees, donations and other revenue.

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