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History of the notary profession

History of the Chamber of Notaries of Slovak Republic

The recent history of the Chamber of Notaries of Slovak Republic started after 1989, when notary offices were de-nationalised. In the city of Martin on December 12, 1989 - state-notary representatives approached other the notaries with the appeal to achieve an independent and equal status of state notaries in the system of judicial authorities. After 1990, the notarial agency increased dramatically. The workload of the notaries was enormous that time and the competent authorities of that time failed to solve that situation. A way out of this situation was the adoption of a new Notary Act. The main proponent of the idea of privatising the notary profession was first of all the Justice Minister doc. JUDr. Ladislav Košťa, CSc., head of the judicial Administration Department of the Justice Ministry JUDr. Zoltán Farkaš and the employees of the Department of Judicial and Notarial Supervision JUDr. Miloslav Kováč and JUDr. Emil Francisci

On November 21-22, 1990 - negotiations were held between state notaries within the all-state session of leading state notaries in Trenčianske Teplice, which finally led to the decision of establishing a professional organisation of notaries here in Slovakia.

The organisation came into existence on January 11, 1991 under the name Notary Chamber of Slovakia (Slovak abbr.: NKS). From among its members, the Presidium elected JUDr. Jozef Opatovský to the post of the chamber's president and the vice-president became JUDr. Marian Miklo. The vice-chairwoman of the Revision Commission became JUDr. Magdaléna Valušová. Formally, the Chamber of Notaries of Slovakia was a civic association. At the beginning, the chamber had its official headquarters at the Justice Ministry of Slovak Republic in Bratislava, but in the other half of 1991 already, the chamber established a permanent Presidium secretariat in the city of Martin. The entire administrative agenda was moved to Martin and the city also became the venue for the Presidium's sessions. After the Presidium members provided their standpoints and opinions, the Chamber's logo-design was accepted as well, which was designed via the Slovak Fund of Fine Arts by the artist Ivan Riabič, which comes from the very same city. The primary task of the Notary Chamber of Slovakia was to achieve the cancellation of state-notaries and adopt a new Notary Act and constitute a free notary profession. On February 14 and 15, 1991 the Chamber's Presidium had a session in Martin, the objective of which was the coordination of the procedure in the preparing of the new Notary Act. A single countrywide Chamber of Notaries was supposed to be established, with its headquarters in Bratislava.

Adoption of the Notary Rules

The act on the cancellation of state notaries has been adopted by the Federal Assembly on April 28, 1992 in one of its last sessions. This act entered into force on January 1, 1993. The Act No. 323/1992 (Coll.) on Notaries and Notary Activities (Notary Rules) has been adopted by the Slovak National Council on May 6, 1992 without significant discussion. This entered into force on January 1, 1993 - finalising the legislative privatisation process of notaries after all.

The presidents of the Chamber of Notaries of Slovak Republic since its establishment –doplnit