Selection procedures

Information on selection procedures for filling in notary vacancies

The number of notary offices of each first-instance court (number of notary vacancies) and their possible change is set by the Justice Minister.

The selection procedure for filling a notary position is opened and run by the Presidium in deadlines as stipulated by the section (§)10 subsec. 3 and 4 of the Notary Rules. A separate selection procedure shall be held on every single vacant notary post.

Please find the Selection procedure rules of the Chamber of Notaries of SR of the Slovak Republic in the part Internal regulations adopted by the Presidium of the Chamber of Notaries of SR.

The participation fee for the selection procedure (art. 8) has been set to 497.91 € (15 000.- SKK) and for every additional position 65.97 € (5 000.- SKK).

The Chamber's Presidium informs the applicants for selection procedures on the duties of a notary after being appointed by the Justice Minister of the Slovak Republic. At the same time, the Presidium informs on the minimum security requirements according to the internal rules adopted by the Presidium of the Chamber, which are to be implemented with the commencement of the notary office.

Further information and documents:

  • selection procedure rules
  • information sheet
  • internal regulation


Current selection procedures    

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