Central notary register of deeds

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The main goal of the aforementioned register is the registration of the first original notarial protocols and deeds, their safe archiving over extended periods of time and the issuance of certified transcripts from the registered deeds - from any notary office in Slovakia. Exempt from it are testaments, of which no transcripts are issued.

The deeds are registered onto the register as scans. This makes the whole system flexible and dynamic. The notarial protocol in electronic form is registered into the register by the day it was drawn-up. The deed gets a file-code, consisting of the register designation, a sequential number + the calendar year (e.g. „NCRls 1029/2010“). A "continued notarial protocol" is stored in the register of deeds under the same file-code, under which the notarial protocol is stored in the register of deeds, which is continued by the drawn up "continued notarial protocol". A certified transcript of a notarial protocol shall be issued by the notary after having checked the request and the data obtained when searching the register of deeds.

The request for the issuing of a deed-transcript shall be recorded by the notary in electronic form into his register under the condition that the applicant knows the file-code of the deed. The transcript is issued in print.

The applicant may ask the notary office also for a deletion of a deed, a change of the conditions for the registration of the deed in the register and a change of the registration period. The notary acts upon a written request of the applicant.

The Central Notary Register of Deeds enables the registration of any (original) deed to be handed out to an authorised person in the future. This person shall be determined by the person applying for the registration of the deed in the Register of Deeds. Currently, this option is used by many ordinary citizens as well as entrepreneurs (apart from securing their irreplaceable documents for the future) also for storing a deed at the notary office in the Register, so that a specified person can retrieve it at any notary in the Slovak Republic, almost immediately after its registration. This act can be compared to some kind of fast and trustworthy „electronic consignment“.