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What is written - is also given. This statement could be hardly more true for anyone else than the notaries.

The notary is a public agent, appointed and empowered by the state to perform notarial activities as well as further activities in compliance with the Act No. 323/92 (Coll.), on Notaries and Notary Activities (Notary Rules) as amended.

Notary activities constitute the exercise of public authority.

A notary is appointed and withdrawn by the Justice Minister of the Slovak Republic, who also performs the state supervision of the activities of the Chamber of Notaries.

A notary constitutes a public executive body empowered by the state to draw up public deeds – i.e. deeds with a probative force higher than any other acts of private law. The notary conceives notarial deeds and performs notarial acts in an extent enabled by the Notary Rules and in compliance with the Code of Ethics of the notary and the internal standards of the Chamber of Notaries of Slovak Republic.

The notary helps prevent disputes and he/she is an impartial arbitrator of agreements concluded by the parties before him. A notary is also the legal advisor of the parties, a guaranty for the decency and certainty of contractual relations. The notary's activities constitute an administration of preventive justice on behalf of the state.

A notary is an advisor of the family, whom you can approach in property/legal issues, in settling the ownership of real property, with succession proceedings as well as in dispute prevention in property/ownership issues.

In succession proceeding, the notary is a court-appointed commissioner for the execution of legal succession acts. The succession proceeding is a judicial proceeding and the notary is appointed by the competent court based on the court's schedule, what is also the reason, why the heirs cannot affect which notary will deal with their succession.

A notary is active in commercial law and you will appreciate his/her help with the foundation and operation of businesses - but also with their liquidation. He/she is a highly skilled expert consequently administrating law - but also the moral integrity, respecting the highest ethical standards in practical exercise.

A notary shall maintain secrecy on all facts he/she will learn in exercising his/her office.

A notary is always ready to provide qualified advice and help you in your particular circumstances.