Notaries are also supposed to provide answers to legal and tax relevant questions asked by families in connection with their property. You should approach a notary not only if you live in marriage, but especially when living with your partner "out of wedlock". In the case of wedlock, many situations are regulated by the law and if you have decided to live without a marriage certificate, you should consider answers to numerous possible „what if...“-questions. The same applies also to gay and lesbian couples living in a common household. From the legal point of view, partnership and marriage still do not constitute equal institutions. In such cases, a notarial protocol solves the issue of inheritance and the subsequent financial securing of partners.


Disease of the partner 

Through a notarial protocol you can secure your right to be informed on the health of your seriously ill lifelong partner, which officially is not a family member of yours. This will also help you to get to his/her money.


Death of the partner – succession

If your partner left a valid testament in your favour, so it is only a question of a few months, before you will get to the money. With the help of a notary, you can legally regulate the situation, when you jointly took out a mortgage; live in his/her flat or in the case when the partner was the sole bread-winner of the family. In the notarial protocol, you can regulate also the disbursement of a life insurance.


Purchase of real property and other property

At the beginning of a relationship, you usually easily reach agreements and compromises, but as the time goes, the necessary willingness to compromise becomes increasingly harder to find. If your partner is the sole owner of the real property and you invest your own money into the reconstruction and furnishing, you should solve with the notary the situation after a split up or the partner's death. The same applies also to investments into movable property.


Entrepreneurship, bankruptcy, debts

Being an entrepreneur has many advantages, but also risks. In the notarial protocol, you should legally regulate possible situations in the future, i.e. who will inherit the shares in the company after the partner's death, how to proceed in the case of bankruptcy or distraint. You can also approach a notary if your partner is a gambler or if he/she uses the jointly acquired property in an uneconomic way.


Unemployment, inability to work, maintenance obligation

Following the end of marriage, one of the former partners could be obliged to maintain the other partner. Secure yourself for the future and make a written notarial agreement on how such situation should be solved.


Obligation to pay maintenance and care for a foster-child

Have you agreed that one of your will conceive or adopt a child? Imagine the situation, that you take care of your partner during her pregnancy and love your common child, but after splitting up with your partner (or his/her death) you will find yourself in a situation without any legal rights and without being entitled to take decisions on the child's life. You will practically loose everything.

The notary will advice you, how to avoid this situation, how can legally regulate such situation - and draw up a notarial protocol with you.


Loan, life insurance

The notary will help you to achieve that money from a life insurance policy will be disbursed to you. The notary will advise you on the progression in a succession proceeding and help you in the cases, when one of you took up a loan to purchase real property, but the other partner participates in its repayment.